EA brings the VBL to the PS4 and Xbox One

In FIFA 15 had fans of Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) have to make do with the Xbox 360 and PS3. In the new consoles EA SPORTS could not transpose the mode last year. Now, however, EA has announced fifa coins 16 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the new VBL season for FIFA.

Together with the DFL (German Football League) will host the Virtual Developer EA Sports Bundesliga this year. It is now the fourth season in which eSports, but also normal FIFA fans can measure in an official tournament. In the past Virtual Bundesliga 2014/15 won Niklas Raseck from Team NeXtGen against Jan Zimmermann (Team Acer) the coveted cup. Moreover Raseck also got a car, which though of just 16-year-old youngster could not start so much, but what he still logically rejoiced.

Many FIFA professionals have been waiting for the VBL will be held on the current console generation, since all the big tournaments are held on the PS4 or Xbox One and the conversion of some players was a problem. From 1 October 2015, it is finally time, then starts the VBL season in a new edition.

VBL first time at the PS4 and Xbox One

In the Virtual Bundesliga, participants can choose one of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, with which they then want to play the season. However, a big difference compared to the other modes is that in the virtual Bundesliga all Bundesliga clubs have a uniform skill level. So all participants should have the same opportunities. On September 24, FIFA 16 will appear for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. At gamescom from 6 to 9 August, the football simulation will also be playable.

Like every year, also this summer asking the fans what footballers are on the cover of the famous football series FIFA in their country. For several years, this is the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. In some fifa 16 coins xbox one countries it is, however, not alone on the front of the game box. Developer and publisher EA Sports has a vote for some regions even the fans, which co-cover star they would like to see. In this gallery we have collected all known to date official FIFA 16 cover.

How to recover lost contacts on iPhone easily and quickly

The user of iPhone can backup his iOS device with iTunes on a Windows-run or Mac-based PC. However, in a later part, the backup file is no longer obtainable or there is a booting problem of the computer during the time of recovering some erased data on iPhone. Hence, there is the only selection to recover the erased data from iOS devices including iPhone without any backup.

Now, you can find the powerful iPhone data recovery, iFoneMate which to be compatible with both Mac and Windows-based computer. This software makes you recover the lost messages or contacts when there is no backup being available.
Having a good storage capacity, iPhone turns out to be an ideal place to preserve huge data. Along with the music and movies, the most of the iPhone users do have their messages, calendars, contacts or the reminders. As these are all saved in the smart phone, the users can let them reach in anytime or anywhere. The vital data can easily be harmonized and backed up at home through iTunes in Mac-depended or Windows-run PC. Therefore, it seems that there is no worry about the data loss on iPhone.

Conversely, when PC is collapsed because of the crashing of a hard drive, the invasion of virus or the formatting problem in partition, all the backup files upon the PC is not obtainable or deleted. At this point, the user have unintentionally erased his or her vital data and later spotted that he requires these vital data. When there is no backup to rescue the data from, it is seen that Apple has not broadly planned a path to salvage the erased data without any backup. So without any backup, the users can retrieve the lost data directly from iOS devices with the aid of data recovery software, iFoneMate. The pieces of music, movies and apps are downloaded from the computer to iPhone. Because of the copyright reasons, Apple has selected iTunes to relocate the files. It is link iPhone or any iOS device to the PC and it is to start with iTunes. All pieces of music, movies and apps in iPhone are to be relocated with the backup file during the time of synchronizing. The purchased app from Apple can download without cost. However, when there are paid versions, the users need to purchase them for the second time.

With the free iPhone data recovery software-iFoneMate, one can retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone through three recovery modes restore lost data from iPhone directly without any backup, from iTunes backup or iClouds backup.

How to retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone directly after three simple steps

Step 1- Download and install iFoneMate. The iPhone and computer are to be connected and launch the iPhone contact recovery-iFoneMate. Select “Recover from iOS devices”

Step 2- Select “Contacts” category and it is to scan for the lost contacts on iPhone by clicking “Start Scan”.

Step3- After scanning, all the contacts will be listed on “Contacts” category. Preview and choose the ones you need. Recover the deleted contacts and save the recovered contacts on computer by clicking “Recover to PC”.

Cars ‘autonomous’ successfully ran the government

Hyundai Genesis brand profile Miriam ‘EQ900’ nation’s first highway in the Autonomous System (HDA) as applicable in the Autonomous domestic car era came closer stride.

But it pointed out that the system laid out so that it is urgent, such as the automotive industry is able to develop the technology peace of mind that laws that can be run from the autonomous demonstration is not prepared yet.

2035 about 25% of new cars are sold like government institutions establish investment plans and key technologies in the future as coming prospects rea is required to take autonomous car.

Hyundai is far beyond the actual Nanyang Institute performance parts began to build the country but the government has undertaken in earnest until this year, government-supported scheme to Hanyang and technology development since 2006 could not be autonomous car demonstration runs. Industry is particularly active safety systems, car line to change the system, including valet parking technology jungyijiman promote the development of key technologies for autonomous status that does not even establish a commercialization plan does not solve institutional problems.

One industry official said, “The priority is the provision of legal responsibility in case of accident, including a special driver’s license, etc. for autonomous driving,” said “may be accelerating the commercialization maintenance of these parts as soon as possible,” he said.


Toyota and Nissan, Japan’s three major car companies coilovers for sale, including Honda has put the commercialization of autonomous car in full support of their governments before your eyes.

The Japanese government has ventured off to its own companies since 2012 to develop actively autonomous driving technology.

Had confirmed the autonomous car lanes Construction of the highway and leads to technological development of the automobile manufacturers to maintain law, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport constitute a civil and tubes council for infrastructure expansion on the autonomous and re – introduction improvement and investment, etc. Fully autonomous navigation, such as the continued attention of the government to prepare a plan for the system to be commercially available earlier than the original 2018 Japanese car industry has reported.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of carmakers in 2012, as well as parts manufacturers in collaboration with autonomous systems while before the development of Toyota If you are mass producing the world as the first autonomous The elderly tailor-made 1 cars Nissan driving balanced turbo a too general roads and highways from 29 days last month an autonomous car that can travel under the current experiment. Nissan is reportedly being particularly successful traveling to Tokyo city about 50 ~ 60km 17km per hour speed zone. Nissan is planning to implement next year launch a crowded autonomous car that can travel on the highway and has 2018 lane highway autonomous technology change.

the United States and Europe

Developing countries, the United States of autonomous car and spent considerable time and effort for the 1991 AHS (Auotmated Highway System) in the US Department of Defense project to start self-driving car, etc. to promote the technology developed by the autonomous car competition commercialization have. In particular, Galley poniah starting with Nevada State 2011, Michigan, Washington, DC, including five that have completed the legislation to allow the general road of the already autonomous car in New York, Illinois, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, etc. 12 which is currently under review.

Europe is the European Union (EU) is actively scrambling to autonomous development. Meanwhile the EU is pushing HAVit (High Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport) project, only the amount invested from 2009 to 2012 for the autonomous development came to 6.4 million euros, and by aging technology. In particular, last year’s autonomous car driving test to enable the commercialization of large nwatda open road, while modifying the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

Ford Mustang tried police uniforms

At the SEMA tuning show fordovtsy bring as many as eight modified Mustang sports car with coupe and convertible. Perhaps the most spectacular in the exhibition will be unconditionally modified pony car with a police tsvetograficheskoy scheme, flashing light and numerous modifications.
Police “form” Mustang coupe to face, but the service in the security forces like the car is unlikely to go because it was created for advertising and “educational” purposes. Project Title DRAGG – Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti. What is still a subtle hint of carrot and stick in diverting young people from participating in street gangs: participate in sanctioned races modifications parts, and if disobeyed after you arrive fast policeman Mustang!
This version is not equipped with a 5.0-liter V-shaped “eight” and turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine capacity of 2.3 liters, which passed a course of moderate improvements. In particular, he Vortech intercooler and intake system Airaid. On the change of power is not reported. Standard Mustang with “ekobustom” recall gives 310 hp
The comprehensive set of enhancements also include new suspension adjustable coilovers from the Air Lift, brakes Wilwood, carbon-fiber body kit and 20-inch wheels with tires Velgen VMB7 Nitto Invo.
Mustang DRAGG – pure show car, but sometimes American cops put the gun under the oil cart. So, Mustang with 5.0-liter V8, 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission supplied the traffic police of California from 1983 to 1993. There were special catch B4C with motors V8 in the third and fourth generation Chevy Camaro. Although the first Camaro sided law in 1979, when California gained a dozen cops Z28 modified versions to be used as interceptors.
The current Mustang, belonging to the sixth generation model, will receive the 4-cylinder engine aftermarket turbo for the first time in over twenty years. Incidentally, the unit is placed on the car the second and third generations, too, was a volume of 2.3 liters.
Currently, Ford delivers American police special performance called crossover Explorer Police Interceptor Utility and Police Interceptor Sedan, a special modification of the sedan Taurus.