EA brings the VBL to the PS4 and Xbox One

In FIFA 15 had fans of Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) have to make do with the Xbox 360 and PS3. In the new consoles EA SPORTS could not transpose the mode last year. Now, however, EA has announced fifa coins 16 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the new VBL season for FIFA.

Together with the DFL (German Football League) will host the Virtual Developer EA Sports Bundesliga this year. It is now the fourth season in which eSports, but also normal FIFA fans can measure in an official tournament. In the past Virtual Bundesliga 2014/15 won Niklas Raseck from Team NeXtGen against Jan Zimmermann (Team Acer) the coveted cup. Moreover Raseck also got a car, which though of just 16-year-old youngster could not start so much, but what he still logically rejoiced.

Many FIFA professionals have been waiting for the VBL will be held on the current console generation, since all the big tournaments are held on the PS4 or Xbox One and the conversion of some players was a problem. From 1 October 2015, it is finally time, then starts the VBL season in a new edition.

VBL first time at the PS4 and Xbox One

In the Virtual Bundesliga, participants can choose one of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, with which they then want to play the season. However, a big difference compared to the other modes is that in the virtual Bundesliga all Bundesliga clubs have a uniform skill level. So all participants should have the same opportunities. On September 24, FIFA 16 will appear for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. At gamescom from 6 to 9 August, the football simulation will also be playable.

Like every year, also this summer asking the fans what footballers are on the cover of the famous football series FIFA in their country. For several years, this is the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. In some fifa 16 coins xbox one countries it is, however, not alone on the front of the game box. Developer and publisher EA Sports has a vote for some regions even the fans, which co-cover star they would like to see. In this gallery we have collected all known to date official FIFA 16 cover.

other fields also exist great opportunities

Xi Jinping said in his speech that in the current world economic situation, the BRIC countries are facing new challenges. Meanwhile, the BRICS economic

development is still great potential,rs 2007 economic cooperation is still promising. BRICS trade and economic

cooperation is at an important period of vigorous development, we hope BRICS BRICS cooperation for the promotion of business challenges, and promote the

economic development to a higher level and make new contributions.
Other state leaders agreed that the business community to cooperate actively BRIC countries, can promote economic growth in the BRIC countries, economic and

trade cooperation to make valuable contributions. BRIC countries are an important force in the international economic arena, while their own strengths, in

the current world economic situation, the BRIC countries need to strengthen cooperation, the Member States to cooperate in agriculture, manufacturing,

infrastructure, clean energy and other fields also exist great opportunities. We hope BRIC member governments and the business community to work together to

enhance the BRIC countries in the international economy.
Xi Jinping Meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi
India’s flagship project to build cooperation
According to Xinhua News Agency, local time, State President Xi Jinping met with Indian Prime Minister Eluosiwu law Modi. Xi Jinping stressed that at

present, according to both China and India plans to complete a feasibility study of major cooperative projects, flagship project to build the Sino-Indian

During his meeting with Mr Modi, Xi Jinping pointed out, the two sides should make joint efforts to maintain the positive momentum of development China-India

relations, mutually beneficial cooperation and create a new situation. The two sides should maintain high-level contacts, strengthen strategic communication

at all levels. It plans to complete major cooperation projects according to a feasibility study to build the Sino-Indian cooperation in the flagship

projects. To properly control differences and work together to safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas. Asia should join hands to promote

infrastructure investment bank, the new BRICS development bank, BCIM Economic Corridor, to explore the Chinese side “along the way” initiative with India

about the initiative effective docking, to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

This reporter has learned that these take the test case

Dangshan County Board tibia gold for sale of Education Admissions Office former deputy director Xu Yunfeng, ZHAO Gui even abuse, were charged after eight secondary schools Dangshan secondary school teachers and the teaching staff of bribery, incomplete documentation of registration of candidates for the big “green light.”

Take the test case after the incident Tianshui, Gansu, Shandong, two public security education system of nearly 50 people have been arrested or subjected to disciplinary rules and punishments. In Middle education system from top to bottom including the Secretary for Education, Deputy Director, Middle School principal parties, including the 17 events to be processed.

This reporter has learned that these take the test case, the main suspect was sentenced to up to three years, someone else who is party and government discipline and suspension, etc. Offenders, college entrance qualifications will all be canceled, for example in 2007 in Anhui were canceled more than 580 various types of illegal enrollment college entrance qualification personnel.

Lan Ling “” hills “repeatedly to change,” Yangyang “” Xiangfan “change back and forth, to borrow the name of tourist attractions, fight to fight,” the famous hometown “…… brand names are recorded history and culture of” living fossil “, but in recent years, in some places for a variety of reasons, causing the Millennium ancient name flip-flop in the historic city of frequently changing its name.

Recently, Ministry of Civil Affairs official in the national culture-building workshops names expressed cautious renamed names should “remember nostalgia.” Participants Experts pointed out that culture is the importance names national attention and national history, “willful renamed the” change lost not only a “nostalgia”, is the memory of the entire nation.

the performance is a normal job behavior

Four reasons:tibia gold people with money to “hit it off”
Found guilty of accepting bribes was sentenced to twelve years, former vice mayor of Linfen City, Shanxi Province, Zhou Jie, when it comes to accepting bribes Dengmou gave him 2 million yuan, said, “I did not think so much, that he and I Compare compatibility, I took it. Why would he was giving me? I did not know until he is certainly directed at my deputy mayor was sent, because I was vice mayor of Linfen City, in charge of industry, coal. ”
Five reasons:buy swtor credits I do not know corruption is a felony
Leshan City Central Water Conservancy Bureau, former director Caogui Fang, was sentenced to seven years for corruption.prison in an interview, said he sense of law, not the study of law, ignorance of the law, not the law. During the review of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, also believes that the amount involved is not their own, as long as the active account, and actively ill-gotten gains, it would happen, until being arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, she did not know corruption is a felony.
Six reasons: for economic development
In December 2009, the former Chongqing Tongnan County Committee, Deputy Mayor Tan Xinsheng for accepting bribes was sentenced to twelve years. Trial, Tan Xinsheng admitted accepting “gifts” facts “bonus”, but he argued that:. “I did not take bribes motive, the performance is a normal job behavior, is to develop, reflecting the development is the last word” simultaeously He believes people are their own bribery friends for decades, mutual reciprocity between normal and should not be considered bribery.
Seven reasons: No feel sorry
Suining County, Jiangsu Province Water Conservancy Bureau, former director Zhang Xinchang for accepting bribes was sentenced to thirteen years. He received a number of subordinates for money and the excuse is also quite “creative”: bribe people “are tears in my eyes makes me the money and I feel sorry I do not accept them.”
Eight reasons: to train personnel for the country
Former Beijing Experimental Center of Computer Science, University of female teachers Xu Jing, embezzlement of public funds in the process of building a school project more than 90 million, of which 30 million for his daughter to study abroad. The prosecution evidence shows that involved more than 90 million and Xu Jing is not used for “scientific research”, she used to buy most of private houses, cars, of which 300,000 yuan brought her daughter studying abroad pay tuition . In this regard, Xu Jing said that this is the country in order to nurture talent.
Nine grounds: that an official at a disadvantage

despite its size to less than one trillion now

From the results of this reform, the bully who does not cheap GW2 gold consider who nobody knows for sure, and indeed with third-party payment this incremental reform to enhance the vitality of the entire financial system. China now not only have to pay Alipay and micro-channel so the world’s leading Internet payment tool throughout the bulk of the financial system still rests in the hands of banks, it is easy to regulate the regulators, UnionPay bank card network also began to counterattack VISA and MasterCard original market .
The problem is that third-party payment so correct incremental reform can repeat it in the entire financial system? I think not. The reason is that “traditional financial institutions” and “Internet companies” are the subject of Internet financial practitioners, from a regulatory point of view not as delineated separately develop their own competition area as before. Has broken down the boundaries is to distinguish between the standard online and offline, the future will definitely collapse of small and micro enterprises also have service and low net worth population of inclusive finance.
Why is not the Internet electronic banking finance
Competition among banks and Internet companies, is “traditional financial institutions” and “Internet companies” competitive landscape in miniature. Let’s return to the official definition of Internet banking, in which the Internet this tool is described as “the use of Internet technology and information and communication technology.” So the question is, banks have done more than a decade of e-banking is not the Internet finance it? Turning to the Internet from e-banking banking finance this little microcosm, you can see the two sides barely classified by size, not as in the past, as third-party payment delimitation and governance.
The financial industry to use IT technology business has a long history, we have to rely on changes in bank outlets record books abacus funds, already has achieved national network; face to face once could only find the teller to get cash, you can now find online the ATM network forever machine; first whether the bank’s online banking really easy to use, at least on the computer, mobile phone banking services as early as you can handle. Baks can do that, of course, is “the use of Internet technology and information and communication technology”, which is obviously not the Internet can finance.
June 2013 Balance Bao was born, despite its size to less than one trillion now, can still forcing hundreds of thousands of billions of assets of the bank made a profound change in the organizational structure of touch.
If you do things like that as long as, in charge of the department What is important, you can be sure you underestimate the internet financial impact on the bank. Even look at engineering, agriculture, in construction of the four most stable structure of state-owned large banks, all of them can also be found outside of electronic banking set up a separate department or team dedicated to try Internet banking, for example, the bank’s e-ICBC Three platforms, direct bank ABC, BOC BOC and CCB Dealers good financial business, not the original electronic banking department directly assume a new job, but involves changes in the organizational structure of the head office level.