Mad Fifa 14 fan recreates game with his friends

So, you know how every year we buy the latest fifa Coins game, and cling to the faint hope that it will be *just* like real life football this time around?

Well, in the build up to the release of Fifa 15, one EA Sports employee has brilliantly created a YouTube video of what Fifa would be like – if it was in real life.

He used a collection of his friends, an astro pitch and some clever video editing to produce this master piece which HAS to be seen if you’re a Fifa fan.

But it’s pretty amazing in every way and actually kind of makes playing the game now laughable, when you see how much real life people have to alter themselves to be like the computer version.

What is the best season Tattoo

Many people think that the summer season is the best tattoo that pattern over time can be revealed, but it is not , the tattoo requires a recovery period of about a month of their time , the specific time according to individual tattoo kit constitution to be. After a period of recovery to scab , molt , fully recovered after tattoo site in order to show the best results out of the state , of course, is to rely on individuals to convalescent care , which is in full accordance with the needs of the guests are asked tattoo artist tattoo care maintenance methods , this point is very important.

Shenzhen is now the weather is too hot, of course, here and Chongqing city fire than or almost, because the customer what information students need to understand related to tattoo artist tattoo should be very careful to answer customers’ questions , because we still have to come back to say customers to solve their own problems .

The clear answer to this question is : tattoos all year round , whether it is spring, summer, autumn, winter , etc., are suitable for every season tattoos , are not due to cold weather overheat and cause inflammation of the tattoo wound . Tattoos are for every season in terms of advantages and disadvantages , and we have a perfect tattoo for work , one tattooists technical level, stab a nice perfect figure . Second, relying on the cheap tattoo kits individual post- maintenance , no matter what the season , if not in the correct scientific method of tattoo care , no matter how prickly tattooists may recover less than satisfactory . After a long period of observation studies will provide you with a proper scientific methods to ensure recovery effect tattoo . After the grain finished tattoo, maintenance is also very important, please read more tattoos and maintenance . Tattoo Care

Buyers asked the most questions tattoo

Can women in the physiology of the tattoo ?
A: Yes . But according to individual constitution may produce physiological pain. Pain will increase , tattooing suggestions normal .
Is there any way you can mitigate pain tattoo ?
A: Depending on the tattoo site , the pain will be different, but they are tolerable. Former tattoo ensure adequate tattoo supplies quality of sleep, the day to ensure the normal diet, the pain will be eased .
Freckles , moles, scars, birthmarks and other parts can tattoo it?
A: Yes . However, a large black birthmark projections have long hair , tattoos are not recommended . When the surgical scar tattoos, scars suggested more than a year .
After the tattoo fading phenomenon occurs how to deal with ?
A: After a faded leather skin and the recovery process , in this process will be parts of the skin tattoo fade phenomenon of small white dander , color tattoo site will be affected by small white dander , looks very shallow, in fact, Here is the pigment has been absorbed by the skin in this layer of white dander , when this layer of white color gradually faded finished tattoo will gradually restore them . If cracks appear fade phenomenon is normal range , please wait until the skin surface normal ( a month later ) , and then the pattern fully rendered , please contact tattooists . Our client , recovery occurred bleaching (for whatever reason ) , the complementary color free .
How to maintain a permanent tattoo designs can be brighter ?
A: Try to avoid sun exposure , multi- use skin care products to keep the tattoo moist parts of the skin , dry skin can be maintained to avoid tattoo ever brighter .
Want a tattoo but fear of being stained hepatitis and AIDS ?
Answer: nothing to worry about this. Our use of needles , pigment cups , gloves , handle, needle-nose contact with the skin so completely taken disposable utensils disposable processing . Tattoos are used in the facilities of medical supplies , to completely eliminate cross-infection .
After the tattoo tattoo site if you can touch the water ?
A: After a few hours of tattoo can be flushed with water . In the process of tattooing the skin will be some slight skin tissue tattoo equipment fluid and blood capillaries , and airborne bacteria and dust will adhere to the skin . When the tattoo is completed , the skin tissue fluid solidifies easily during the tattoo has adsorbed dust and bacteria on the skin . If you do not flush out on the tattoo recovery is quite harmful. Therefore, after the tattoo , the skin naturally restore a few hours , can rinse off with warm water and a little blood tissue fluid and blot excess moisture in the skin so that the skin breathe naturally , this will make the tattoo quickly restored .. tattoo equipment
After a period of time after the tattoo need complementary color ?
A: The key to this problem lies really tattooists technical capabilities tattoo is actually an excellent complementary color is not required , as long as the tattoo artist ‘s technical capabilities mature , will be injected into the skin pigment accurate stabilization layer ( in this pigment . metabolism layer of skin is not easy to be out ) , after the restoration of tattoo is permanent , even after decades of bleaching will not appear .
What color will fade a tattoo ?.Tattoo Supplies
A: In fact, color and black and white tattoo is the same type of tattoo , the tattoo is also a special pigment used , as long as the tattoo artist ‘s technical capabilities mature , the same color will not fade the tattoo .

Free Articles Under The Tag Tattoos

Free Articles Under The Tag Tattoos

Polystyle tattoos are useful to establish ones identity with a trademark These tattoos, generally, work as a trademark of a person having it It can be placed on any body part according to its size and shape.

Samoa Clothing Enriched With Culture

Samoa is a group of Islands that is located in South Pacific and is popular as a tropical and relaxing travel destination Thousands of tourists visit the place every year They get fascinated not only by the bespoke natural beauty of the place, but the traditional culture and lifestyle also leaves a great impact on their minds.

Tattoo Designs Most PopularTattoos are a common thing these days They are more popular than ever before Research has shown that nearly 1 in 4 people have at least one tattoo.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs: Good News Anyone Can UseHawaiian tattoo designs have become more popular then ever and you can see them all around the any place at present Even so, if you’re searching for a design which is somewhat more special, do understand that there are certainly a great deal of assorted designs, all of which have a multitude of various meanings Since lovely Hawaii is very fund of using flowers to each and every facet they deal with for instance special events, their dancing routines, or simply just walking through the beach, you will see flowers all over, which is why there is no doubt that it is also the most popular Hawaiian tattoo design.

Getting Acquainted With Cute Back Tattoos

No person can judge you whether getting a tattoo is a right choice or a wrong one Everyone is different in their own personal ways Although some true love body art, some people hate them.

Are you tattooed

Are you tattooed

Twenty years ago, I guess that 35 year old mothers sporting tattoos were on the fringe, representing artists, rebels, and other tastegroups outside the mainstream. Back then, young women my age were getting tattoos and we were certainly not MOMS! (God, Mom! Your jeans/hair/rainboots are SO LAME!) We were young adults, flexing our independent post adolescent muscles, but not yet our ovaries.

As our own mothers predicted, my generation is now adults, moms many of us, with inked shoulders, ankles, and bottoms. Some of our parents probably tsked, tsked when they saw our illustrated skin (or maybe we even hid it from them). But isn it practically de rigueur now?

One of my oldest friends, a mother of two and a schoolteacher, collecting body art since she was 20, recently added her children names to her leg. and have made a once boring rose tattoo into a mark of motherhood. And she reveals it proudly, even at work.

I asked my writing partner Heather if she regrets the sunshine she had permanently drawn near her pelvic bone in college.

still like it! she said. I was warned that my midsection tattoo would look misshapen if I ever became pregnant, but guess what? It goes back to normal every time and I had three children. you think tattoos on moms are inappropriate? Do you have a tattoo? Did you think about being a mom with a tattoo when you got it?

UPDATE: I know now that fellow Momformation blogger Whit Honea has his children initials on his arm. Any interest in getting your child name inked on your body?

Whitney does not have a tattoo, but she did wear a nose ring from her 19th birthday until she removed it for her C section.

I have a few. A rosary around my right ankle that hangs down onto my foot, my son name is tattooed near that, and I have a dove just above the same ankle. I have a fairy (that has a lot of meaning to me) on my left breast, a copy of a picture I took of my son baby hand on top of my hand on my right shoulderblade (you can see my wedding ring in the tattoo too) and my husbands name on my left shoulderblade (it in Chinese characters, and yes, I did ask a chinese person to read it to me so I was sure what it said). You really can see any of my tattoos unless I show them off, except for the ones on my ankle if I happen to wear shorts, which is rare. Each one has some sort of meaning to me and I love them all.

I have 5 tattoos, and they all deeply meaningful to me. I dreamt of being tattooed ever since I read Ray Bradbury Illustrated Man. I feel that my tattoos tell the story of my life. I got two small, not visible tattoos, one medium and two large VERY visible tattoos. My latest and most visible tattoo is a literary quote in beautiful (but still readable) script; it covers my entire right inner forearm from wrist to elbow. I also have my nose, tongue, and lip pierced. My five year old daughter is always asking me if she be able to wear face jewelry when she a grownup LOL! I love my tattoos and piercings. I had them done to please no one but myself, and I content.

I have never had a desire to have a tattoo, but just after getting married, my husband and I decided to get similar tattoos (based on our wedding theme.) While my husband has several tattoos, I have none, so this was a big deal for me. I chose to get it on the back of my neck where it is carefully hidden by my hair but where I can show it off when I feel so inclined.

I live in Boston where it is fully acceptable to have and show off tattoos. I also work for a very large, very old fashioned publishing company and I work with a large number of females who are 30 45 who have tattoos and are not afraid to show them off.

The stigma of the tattoo as being a symbol of slackers and biker gangs is far over. While I won be getting another tattoo any time soon, I love my tattoo and I love what it stands for.

I have several tattoos. I have a small set of butterflies on my lower back that my mom took me to get when I turned 18. I have a sun on my right hip which is cover up for another tattoo that turned out bad. It was a cheap tattoo artist in a college town. And my favorite is a cross with butterfly wings on my back that spans from shoulder to shoulder. I plan on getting another representing my children, I do not want their names on me. It is nothing against word tattoos, I personally do not want them I prefer pictures.

I think tattoos and other body art is a personal thing and it doesn matter if you are a mom, grandma, sister, or daughter. I do believe one should really think about permanent ink. My parents made me think long and hard before my first one. I did have a moment when I got the one on my hip thinking it would be ugly after being pregnant, but it went back to normal after my first will see how it is after the next pregnancy.

Tattoo on mothers, I believe, is an absolute amazing thing. Probably becasue the first tattoo I ever got was when I just turned 17 and my mom and I got matching tattoos. We are Hawaiian/Portuguese and proud of it so we decided to get something related to that. As well as incorporating something only held between her and I, since I do have 2 other siblings. In the end and after about a year of research and looking around, we had both gotten tribal turtles on our rear shoulders. A mommy turtle followed by a baby turtle identical to the mommy. I also have 2 nautical stars on my chest whom I got with my husband around the time when we first started dating. I love my tattoos, they all have a meaning of something close to me, they always will. I will continue to get more, and I don know when I stop.

I have several tattoos. Some I had before my son was born, and some including his name after he was born. I know I will get more including the name of the son I am currently carrying. I love ink and I love that it isn quite so taboo anymore. But, I do agree that it each person choice and that people should be sure about what they get before they get it. I had a couple that I had covered up with something more meaningful. My 2 yo is starting to notice my art now and I look forward to being able to explain it to him someday.

Tattoos are a form of self expression, and do not say anything about your abilities as a mom. People of all walks of life have a tattoos and they are more mainstream than they used to be. I would support my child if they wanted a body piercing or tattoo (over the age of 16), compared to what is going on in this world, having a tattoo doesn make me a news maker. Next week, I am getting another one for my 30th birthday, and I can wait! I know some people look down on me, or think its inappropriate for me to have body piercings and tattoos at my age but, I not hurting myself or anyone else. Compared to parents who have alcohol, drug, or are just plain neglectful, my tattoos are a minor issue I think. Who says that Moms aren supposed to have tattoos?

I have 6 tattoos and will deffinatly be getting more after my daughter is born in March. I alreadt have an 11month old son. I also have 6 piercings. I love tattoos and piercings and they have nothing to do with my parenting capabilities. People judge me for my tattoos and jelewry but if doesnt bother me since I get judged so much for numerous other things, (im only 19 right now, im a Juggalette, im not marrisd but am engaged to my childrens father, I have bipolar disorder, and a lot of other things) but what gets to me is im a damn good mother regardless of any of those things.

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