EA brings the VBL to the PS4 and Xbox One

In FIFA 15 had fans of Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) have to make do with the Xbox 360 and PS3. In the new consoles EA SPORTS could not transpose the mode last year. Now, however, EA has announced fifa coins 16 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the new VBL season for FIFA.

Together with the DFL (German Football League) will host the Virtual Developer EA Sports Bundesliga this year. It is now the fourth season in which eSports, but also normal FIFA fans can measure in an official tournament. In the past Virtual Bundesliga 2014/15 won Niklas Raseck from Team NeXtGen against Jan Zimmermann (Team Acer) the coveted cup. Moreover Raseck also got a car, which though of just 16-year-old youngster could not start so much, but what he still logically rejoiced.

Many FIFA professionals have been waiting for the VBL will be held on the current console generation, since all the big tournaments are held on the PS4 or Xbox One and the conversion of some players was a problem. From 1 October 2015, it is finally time, then starts the VBL season in a new edition.

VBL first time at the PS4 and Xbox One

In the Virtual Bundesliga, participants can choose one of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, with which they then want to play the season. However, a big difference compared to the other modes is that in the virtual Bundesliga all Bundesliga clubs have a uniform skill level. So all participants should have the same opportunities. On September 24, FIFA 16 will appear for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. At gamescom from 6 to 9 August, the football simulation will also be playable.

Like every year, also this summer asking the fans what footballers are on the cover of the famous football series FIFA in their country. For several years, this is the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. In some fifa 16 coins xbox one countries it is, however, not alone on the front of the game box. Developer and publisher EA Sports has a vote for some regions even the fans, which co-cover star they would like to see. In this gallery we have collected all known to date official FIFA 16 cover.

Aguero on par with Messi and Suarez, says Zabaleta

Pablo Zabaleta feels Sergio Aguero is among the very best strikers inside the planet and is on par with huge names which include Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.
The Manchester City forward netted 5 occasions in his side’s 6-1 Premier League win more than Newcastle United in the weekend and Zabaleta feels Saturday’s functionality was additional proof that Aguero is among the ideal on the market.
“We’ve been speaking lately about him getting amongst the top strikers inside the planet and for confident, he’s 1 of them,” Zabaleta was quoted as saying by Manchester Evening News.
“We can unquestionably place him up there together with the greatest there is certainly – Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Karim Benzema. He’s at that identical level.
“He’s functioning one hundred per cent to be the very best. We know he has the quality and he’s functioning seriously properly. He’s been undertaking nicely inside the last games and hopefully now he can continue like that.
“He’s a player who we know how very good he is usually in particular moments. He was outstanding on Saturday.”
Aguero, 27, has netted eight goals in 11 appearances in all competitions this campaign.


Lynch played before the game will determine whether

Seattle Seahawks hope to usher mut 16 coins in the season’s first win this week, but the team running back Xiaoen – Lynch or the absence of this crucial game. Friday, coach Pete – Carroll said in an interview, Lynch currently subject to leg injuries, will be decided before the game whether he can play against the Chicago Bears.


Lynch last week with the Green Bay Packers game injured this week, he missed the team’s training in Wednesday, Thursday only buy madden coins attended a few training. Lynch, 29, a slow start to the season, in the past two weeks only ball 33 times, advancing 114 yards, have not been able to obtain any touchdowns.


Over mut coins buy the past two seasons, rushing touchdowns lead the league average number of Lynch, the Seahawks need to recover as soon as the playmaker.

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