This reporter has learned that these take the test case

Dangshan County Board tibia gold for sale of Education Admissions Office former deputy director Xu Yunfeng, ZHAO Gui even abuse, were charged after eight secondary schools Dangshan secondary school teachers and the teaching staff of bribery, incomplete documentation of registration of candidates for the big “green light.”

Take the test case after the incident Tianshui, Gansu, Shandong, two public security education system of nearly 50 people have been arrested or subjected to disciplinary rules and punishments. In Middle education system from top to bottom including the Secretary for Education, Deputy Director, Middle School principal parties, including the 17 events to be processed.

This reporter has learned that these take the test case, the main suspect was sentenced to up to three years, someone else who is party and government discipline and suspension, etc. Offenders, college entrance qualifications will all be canceled, for example in 2007 in Anhui were canceled more than 580 various types of illegal enrollment college entrance qualification personnel.

Lan Ling “” hills “repeatedly to change,” Yangyang “” Xiangfan “change back and forth, to borrow the name of tourist attractions, fight to fight,” the famous hometown “…… brand names are recorded history and culture of” living fossil “, but in recent years, in some places for a variety of reasons, causing the Millennium ancient name flip-flop in the historic city of frequently changing its name.

Recently, Ministry of Civil Affairs official in the national culture-building workshops names expressed cautious renamed names should “remember nostalgia.” Participants Experts pointed out that culture is the importance names national attention and national history, “willful renamed the” change lost not only a “nostalgia”, is the memory of the entire nation.

FIFA 15: Patch Notes of the first PS4 Patches

FIFA 15 has now been three whole weeks, and 5 million copies sold on the hump. That’s a whole lot, but that is certainly not that fifa 15 ultimate team coins in FIFA 15 everything runs smoothly.

On the PC rife laufwütige goalkeeper and fifa coins expanded on the PS4 and stammers the image for some players. These errors are now finally penetrated to the studios from EA Canada that care since day X at the annual football simulation.

In a blog post , an employee of EA now has reported the following sets of words:

“We believe that we have made progress in our ongoing investigation, as far as the picture stuttering, which afflicts a small percentage of PS4 users. Should you be affected by this problem, then please help us and send details toEASPORTSFIFA via Twitter. ”

Oh man, that’s a real sense of déjà vu, which returns me to the year 2010, the time of FIFA 11th that time was rife a similar problem on the PS3, in my circle of friends commonly under the name “FIFA Lag” known. It was the beginning of a year-long and intimate love-hate relationship between EA and me.

But back in 2014 and back to FIFA 15 . During EA continues to work on irregular image and the storm consent keepers, the first patch for the PS4 version of is now FIFA 15 came out. This has accomplished the following:

When Bugs says: do not despair, the patch must have.
The patch notes of the first patch of the PS4 version of FIFA 15

– The name search is repaired in career mode.

– A compound indicator was installed in FUT mode, so you do not so easily gambles in the future in 2 FPS with players from Wallachia.

– The camera in the Online Seasons has been improved for guests.

– The home fans in the Match Day Live mode have been revised.

– Fixed the problem that has led to the fact that you could not continue after a FUT game because the menus were missing.

– The glitch has been eradicated by the trolls indefinitely could change the free kick taker.

– The bugs have been eradicated through which the changes in the squad and substitutes were not transferred in Season games.

– The Hospitality upgrades were repaired in Career Mode and Pro Club mode. Whatever that means.

So much for the patch of FIFA 15th Who has been spared from these problems so far, asking myself at this point why he has read the article at all.

Unfortunately we can not return you the wasted time with this product. But what we can do is to recommend you other products that help waste their even more time and or build a time machine can, with her travels back in time to prevent the assassination of Kennedy.

What does that have to do with this product we do not know. Therefore, there is at this point almost without context the links to the ten best free kick taker and scorer for the FUT mode of FIFA 15 .

Square Enix Wants to Accompany Old MMO to the PS Vita (Wait, What?)

Never one to shy abroad from porting a game FFXI Gil, Square Enix talked about accomplishing just that in the latest activity of Japanese bold mag Famitsu. The choice, this time is rather odd.

According to Square Enix’s Hiromichi Tanaka, the Tokyo-based bold maker is because whether or not to accompany a beeline Final Fantasy XI anchorage to the PS Vita. There are currently no accurate plans.

Tanaka allegedly aswell added that due to the PS3’s different characteristics, it’s difficult to anchorage amateur to Sony’s home console.

Final Fantasy XI was originally appear in Japan on the PS2 in 2002. A PS Vita anchorage could be interesting, but absolutely Square Enix, accession handheld port?

Tanaka is a Final Fantasy vet, who formed on the aboriginal title. He was one of the advance designers on FFXI and was the ambassador for Square Enix’s latest MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV until endure December. Surely you bethink how that angry out.

Cahill Cech Fabregas: win thoughts

Blues 2-0 victory over Tottenham at Wembley, Block 5 in team history to win the League Cup trophy. Recalling the final three players played this big day.

Chelsea’s first two goals from Cesc Fabregas assists. The first win over the Blues Blues Spanish midfielder praised the team performance.

“The feeling of winning is always good.” Fabregas said, “This is my first trophy Chelsea take, I am very happy.”

“The first half they could have five minutes, 10 minutes played better than us, but in general, we take the initiative.”

“It seems that everything is moving forward in the right direction our team is very young, talented difficulties, we can make it;.. We have experienced players, there are young players, with very well, but the basic Xanadu at about 26, 27 years old. We have a strong strength, but also good quality, so we are very proud of. ”

Return to the starting of the final Cahill expressed his joy.

“The game is hard to play, we know that will be difficult, this is a great stadium, against a strong team.” Cahill said, “The first half is very difficult, but I think ultimately it seems, we deserved to win. We strive to provide each other hard work, sweat and sometimes able to return due return –2-0 zero closure opponents and win the trophy. ”

“Although we let Kurt (Zuma) to play midfield, but (our tactics) are not conservative. We usually play two defensive midfielder, but this time only a single defensive midfielder, let Cesc (Fabregas ) and Ramirez may be more liberal on the ground before the attack. formation arrangement is not conservative, but our defense is very solid. ”

“By winning a trophy again feeling great, especially for myself, because I have never won the championship, that feeling with others to win the championship as well. I even worse one, but now I am happy for the club, for the fans happy, for every participating player happy; not just for today (played players), but from the tournament started that day began (the players in). ”

Blues starting goalkeeper Petr Cech said that to win this game is everything.

“Ten years ago, I got the first trophy was the League Cup, and now I’ve got three championship.” Cech said, “I am obviously very pleased to be selected for the final squad. Not selected players will always be sad, but we See, we are a team, everyone is happy the team’s achievements. ”

“You knew that when the final history will only remember the winner. We want to win, over the years, no one remembers who we fall by the wayside it is. Leaving only our name.”

Now we need to turn their attention to the next important game. Beijing on Thursday morning, Chelsea will be a guest in the league Upton Park, West Ham challenge, fight to hold the top five points advantage.

“We have a positive attitude to accept it all, to gain self-confidence, to complete the rest of the season. But we will not wantonly celebrate, because we have to prepare for the week of the game, this is very important.” Fabregas explained Road.

“We have a game to. Midweek game is a priority, after a week’s time we have a rest, ready to play Paris Saint-Germain, it is a war.”

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