According to the fifa 18 coins first generation

According to the first generation of “slash fifa 18 coins burn”, now they have a more powerful tools: rapid simulation technology, virtual test platform and other modern information fifa 18 coins support. “Through the design of the simulation.” According to the team leader Liu Zongyu recalled, still conceal his excitement. , Put fifa coins cheap the indicators and fifa 18 coins, the formation of the task book, and then the task book into a product, through careful and meticulous testing, test verification to design ‘iteration’. In the Shenzhou VIII spacecraft fifa 18 coins sub-system development, the rendezvous and docking sensor is the most critical and most hut coins to bite the hard bones.In order to verify its performance in the ground, 2007 – fifa 18 coins, the spacecraft Engineering team specifically simulated rendezvous and docking track and the environment, has rushed to Alashan and other places to carry out fifa 18 coins test.According to deputy head Feng Ye recalled, Alashan winter is particularly cold,

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