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Can be after the knight to strengthen 2k vc point of view of George to see the defense

Can be after the knight to strengthen the point of view of George to see the 2k vc. George seeing it, decisively one by one singles. However, George twice singles, respectively, caused the opponent’s controversial action, but the referee did not whistle. And more than twice, throughout the third quarter, George did not get any free throws. In this case, George caught in a very difficult 2k vc. But he is still trying to help the 2k vc. Offensive end to attract defense, the defensive end is once again in the Cavaliers fiercely under 2k17 coins fight to protect the backcourt rebounds. The team gradually chase points, the momentum began to unfavor. But we all know that George will not let go. The fourth quarter back, George Festival hit the cast; followed by George and by cover to create a third foul. 96-86, points back to double digits.

Later, perhaps because of the physical factors for the retention of George, the Pacers began to arrange Ellis and 2k mt buy to organize the ball attack. For several rounds, George did not get a chance to touch the ball. When James in the goblin wantonly sway his offensive talent, George just followed the 2k vc to watch the team again and again offensive. With the 2k vc, the pedestrian’s huge lead was swallowed up, home fans began to show depressed expression. But George will not give up.

the Golden State Warriors keep 2k mt Iguodala’s bird rights

If the Golden State Warriors keep Andre Iguodala’s bird rights, they can almost certainly renew the sixth man. This summer, the Warriors need to renew Durant, to 26.5 million in the season salary 2k mt of 20%, the renewal amount will reach 31.8 million. But the Warriors can get this under the salary cap, and then use the bird cap on the salary cap to renew Iguodala.

An NBA news source revealed that Iguodala’s renewal situation is very optimistic, renewal of the amount and renewal of willingness is not a problem, for Iguodala renewal warrior’s only question is 2k mt renewal of
nba vc coins years. Iguodala himself also showed a similar indifference, for the renewal of the problem is simply said: “They understand the situation, there is no need for nba 2k17 mt buy discussion.” He said he and the team 2k mt manager has been linked. “I did not mention that, but I and Bob (Meyers, Warriors general manager) has maintained a conversation, talk about all kinds of things, not just about me, but also chatting 2k mt people Of things. “

the most outstanding performance of nba mt coins game

Kevin – Durant nba mt coins in the third nba vc back, but also the most outstanding performance of a game. Three games, Durant 16 vote 11, scored 29 points and eight rebounds and five assists, three-pointers feel the most exciting return, the audience 7 vote 5. “Durant is fantastic tonight,” coach Steve Cole distressed, “the best of them is his shot.”

Back in the first two games, nba mt coins 27 vote 12, close to 50% hit rate. But the three-pointers feel cold, 9 throw all missed. On the eve of the playoffs, Durant returned to the feel, 7 of 5 in the three-pointers to nba mt coins Oracle Arena boiling. “This is his preview before the playoffs.” Clay – Thompson is very confident for Durant. Indeed, Durant this season, amazing efficiency, shooting 53.5% hit a career high, three-point shooting also has 36.7%, can be stable for the nba mt coins up points. But perhaps just comeback, Durant for their current state is still more vc coins cautious. “I still need a long time to get back, but I’m on a right track,” Durant said. “I feel like I can get a higher level.”