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World of Warcraft’s 13th Anniversary Event Announced – Battle Classic Bosses Again

The excellent news hold coming to World of Warcraft recently, just after announced the “Battle for Azeroth” plus the World of Warcraft classic server inside the carnival, the current piece with the most current copy with the Antoine Burning Throne may also be open. And today, World of Warcraft welcomed its 13th anniversary, as well as the official also prepared a series of activities to celebrate this anniversary!

The official Particular Event for WOW’s 13th Anniversary begins from now till 10:00 AM CET on Nov. 30. Gamers can log in to earn achievements also as a a particular Anniversary Present Package connected with 13 years of WoW, and also battle a collection of classic bosses.

In line with Blizzard’s announcement, this year’s Anniversary Present Package involves 200 Timewarped Badges, a Celebration Package item that increases practical experience and reputation gains by 13% for an hour, as well as a “Letter in the Timewalkers” which will commence a new quest top you to either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

And the 200 Timewarped Badges is often used to purchase new things from vendors like:

Celebration Wand – Trogg
Celebration Wand – Quilboar
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Costume
Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses

The Questgivers Historian Llore and Historian Ju’pe will have two each day quests that could grant players with Timewarped Badges that may be earned by defeating familiar foes or answering World of Warcraft trivia questions. If you’re level 60 or more than it is possible to battle the likes of Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and one of several four Dragons of Nightmare. Defeating any certainly one of them grants 50 Timewarped Bades, and all of them have a opportunity to drop some rare loot.

World of Warcraft due to each of the Horde and Alliance warriors who have been with us for taking element inside the many adventures of Azeroth and providing unspeakable enthusiasm. Whether or not you are a clever goblin, a sturdy dwarf or a noble human getting, we sincerely thank you for your long-standing assistance and look forward to much more adventures for you personally within the future.

As among the most common MMOs in the world and standing the major position for 13 years, it has to say that World of Warcraft is often a landmark game, his set of settings has a profound effect in your gameplay. World of Warcraft has also accompanied lots of players knowledgeable the stage of life alterations, then will you nevertheless be active in World of Warcraft world in the next thirteen years?

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