cut! cut! cut! Version 8.0 will continue to cut skills?

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As we all know, in the 100 version before the opening, more and more the number of professional skills have let players feel that their skills are not enough of the bar, you have to use the plug-in additional skills to help … … Blizzard on This is not without notice, so from the 6.0 version of Blizzard opened the pace of cutting skills, the number of skills per job are reduced by 20%. Of course, this has been a lot of players support, but suddenly lost a lot of memorable skills, of course, feel sorry.
Even so, in the 7.0 version of Blizzard still did not stop to continue to cut the skills of the rhythm, all of a sudden let the player’s skill bar feel a lot of excess. This move in the end is good or bad, of course, caused a lot of controversy of the players.
On the one hand, because the core skills of each job are retained, the pace of the cycle out of the cycle did not become simple, so that the impact is not great; the other hand, after all, lost so much skill in the end feel All kinds of discomfort The next question arises spontaneously, and then the 8.0 version will continue to cut the number of skills?
Perhaps this can be considered, the number of skills today has been very little, has really can not cut; but Blizzard will not be the number of skills into the so-called single digits? In all fairness, the possibility of continuing to cut the skills is really small, and even should be said to further increase the number of skills. If it is first cut after the increase, but the players feel a little “back tribute”, do not cut directly so hard to have it?
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Of course, Blizzard routines are often do not understand, before the 6.0 version of the open who would not think Blizzard can do so much in the skills of the article. However, Blizzard has always been not far from the routines, there are many bold practices surprising, although some failed, and some have also achieved great success. Perhaps it can be considered that any game is not innovation is not long, but innovation will inevitably pay a lot of the price, but innovation is essential to that step!
Then cut the number of skills can be considered an innovation? I feel yes, two consecutive versions of the cut skills, has let us guess the 8.0 version of the practice, and because of this, will give players the future of speculation and vision, it is not a great charm of World of Warcraft The
To the present, it is no longer important to argue about whether or not the skills are wrong, and it is important to keep the number of players liked or disgusted. Speaking of World of Warcraft skills, these years have long been I do not know how many times changed, although some names never changed, but the specific effect has changed a lot, and even a lot of skills, many players can not call the name …. But it is undeniable that the existence of many skills really highlights the tasteless side, and consider the changes in the times, cut skills or their own reason.
In the distant 60’s, the huge number of skills can be regarded as a typical feature of World of Warcraft, but in today’s fast food era, so much skill will be as before as it is incredible? Answer or no, after all, the skills are not the core of World of Warcraft, but in any case, Blizzard’s practice or its own reason (Click bankofwow to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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