First Tattoo Experience

First Tattoo Experience

I got my first tat last year and my husband currently has 3. I always wanted one, so he paid for mine as a birthday present. I absolutely LOVE it! It is pretty small (about 2″ by 2″) and I’ll explain why.

I had two of my girl friends go with me. The shop is about 45 minutes from my home, so we had a lot of time to discuss the upcoming event. I wasn’t too nervous to start out because my husband had gotten his 2 most recent tats from the same guy and told me that he was very gentle. However, by the time we got to the shop, my friends were VERY nervous and it had rubbed off on me (a little).

I wasn’t sure of the exact tat I was going to get, but I had a general idea of what I wanted. I knew I wanted a butterfly, so I was standing there looking at the pictures on the wall when Mr. Bill (the tatoo artist) turned on the [tattoo machine]. That freaked me out! So, I told my friends I was going to get this little tiny one (about the size of a dime). Almost immediately I thought “No, I can’t be that big of a wuss!” So, I settled on the one I have now not too little, but not too big, just in case it hurt too bad!:)

I sat down in the chair, Mr. Bill adjusted me so he could reach my shoulder (which is where I got it) and he started. He was really wonderful! He explained everything to me as he was doing it and I actually sat there and talked and joked with my friends the whole time. It only took about 1/2 hour and when it was all over, I wished I had picked one a bit bigger! But that’s OK because I’m going back this year to get another one for my next birthday!

Mr. Bill asked me when I sat down if this was my first tatoo. When I said yes he informed me, “Well that’s OK, it won’t be your last.” Never were truer words spoken!

For all those who are thinking about getting your first tattoo, I have some advice. First, make sure you REALLY want it! Second, make sure you choose carefully. Third, make sure you go to an extremely clean and reputable artist! Fourth, if you are worried about the pain I don’t know what to tell you. Only you know how high your tolerance is for pain, but I can tell you from my experience, the only discomfort (I won’t even call it pain) I felt was when he was doing the outline of the tat, after that there was nothing! Also, if you have ever given birth to a child or went through a minor surgery you should be able to fly through a tatoo!!! Good Luck!! I hope my story helped you out some.

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