in the middle of the distal nba2kmt scoring drought

He is in this period 7 of 5 shots, of which 3 outside the cast 2, half of the H-12 nba2kmt. The second half of the game situation changes, the Rockets in the third quarter narrowed by 5 points in the middle of the buy mt cheap encounter scoring drought, lost the game. Gordon on the second half of the two, the second half of the 5 vote only 1 only 3 points, and teammate Ryan – Anderson generally furious. In the team general James – Harden completely lost today, he and Anderson had once picked up the team offensive flag, but this is not within the nba2kmt of their ability. Back to Houston on the flight, two Deng nba2kmt need to wake up Dadeng brother. And the Rockets series opener, the Spurs played an atypical game, experienced the most tragic team in the playoffs home defeat.

For the Spurs, 0-1 behind may not be anything, but the face of super attack on the rocket, if lost at nba2kmt, then the situation will be very difficult. On the war despite Kehuai – Leonard scored 21 points and 11 rebounds and 6 assists in the data, but his shot only 14 of 5, which he was in the first round of the robot-like super performance or a lot worse. After the nba mt now Leonard said the team at both ends of the need to strengthen defense. Never talk nonsense of Leonard today from their own start, his feel was particularly early, an opening he began to personal performance on the table, two big nba2kmt three break up the knife, how long it will be 8 points alone.

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