NBA 2K17 on sale today I also chat with the game producer

NBA 2K17 has been officially on sale today, in the first few days I had the pleasure of the game’s producer Eric chat about 2K17 some of the problems, to see what he is saying.

1, the NBA 2K17 cover the selection of Paul George, compared to the previous cover, the visibility may be a little short, can reveal the reason why?

Because we believe that Paul George and the “NBA 2K” series of us and the entire studio culture, that the hard work and dedication of the culture are very fit, in addition to his personality is also very fit. We know that in the previous game, his foot was injured, many people have raised questions: he will come back? Did you retire from this? Is this the end of the basketball career? But in fact he used his own efforts to prove to everyone that he came back. So his whole spirit, and “2K NBA” series of the spirit is very fit, so choose him.

2, last year in the plot, Spike Lee’s plot model has more controversy, then this year will focus on the game to create the content of the story?

We understand that players want to be able to have more positive opportunities in career mode, the opportunity to board the cover of the magazine, and the opportunity to become a superstar. So we believe that in this year’s career mode, the player can play in this regard, the difference between the larger, and there will be more selective, I believe the players will be more satisfied.

3, what are the effects of these choices on the game? Will it affect the development of the plot? Whether there will be more than the outcome?

Of course, there will be a impact. Most are in the middle of career mode to do it, but there are also several specific choice is from beginning to end, and not just the plot to choose, will also be affected by the performance of game player in the game, the final outcome will be affected by these factors. 4, this year there are two Chinese young players were selected by the NBA, Zhou and Wang Zhelin, Chinese basketball is also in line with international standards, then 2K series will consider after joining the Chinese team in the league?

4, First of all I think this proposal is very good, but I can’t say anything about it later. We also included a lot of classic game team, but we also have a lot of partners, the current game in the European Basketball League, the future of things we are not sure. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT, NBA 2K17 VC Account Store – NBA2K16MTCoins.COM

5, the next one is on the 2K server, this is also a question of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Before, whether it is North American players or domestic players, there are people who reflect the server is more serious, so the NBA 2K17 server problems will have any solution?

NBA 2K16 is the most difficult period we have experienced on the server, but now they have been completely improved. When you look at the world, will get a completely different experience, last year and this year, we have set up a new server in several places, such as Hongkong and Sydney, so that this year compared with before the server will be greatly improved, and we will according to the annual demand for game player make, improve and adjust the corresponding to the server.

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