small trench arrived mut coins but the heavy

lack of cement, with yellow mud mut coins ditch wall; no tools, hammer up the hammer by brute force … … rely on optimism to build a small trench arrived but the heavy rain mut coins, repair Repair and repair more than a decade, the water is into the grass king dam. Spring 1992, repair canal construction started again. Huang Dafa with mut 18 coins than 200 people plunged mut coins Lingbao Mountain, young manpower digging mountains and broken walls, followed by women to pick their forts. No way, cement explosives rely on horseback carry on mut coins site; no logistical support, Baotousha on sauerkraut potato two meals a day. Difficult to transport goods, gathering people’s hearts more difficult. At the beginning of each mut coins, Huang Taifa was called to convene a meeting of more than 20 party members in the village to encourage hut coins to call party members in charge.

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