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the Golden State Warriors keep 2k mt Iguodala’s bird rights

If the Golden State Warriors keep Andre Iguodala’s bird rights, they can almost certainly renew the sixth man. This summer, the Warriors need to renew Durant, to 26.5 million in the season salary 2k mt of 20%, the renewal amount will reach 31.8 million. But the Warriors can get this under the salary cap, and then use the bird cap on the salary cap to renew Iguodala.

An NBA news source revealed that Iguodala’s renewal situation is very optimistic, renewal of the amount and renewal of willingness is not a problem, for Iguodala renewal warrior’s only question is 2k mt renewal of
nba vc coins years. Iguodala himself also showed a similar indifference, for the renewal of the problem is simply said: “They understand the situation, there is no need for nba 2k17 mt buy discussion.” He said he and the team 2k mt manager has been linked. “I did not mention that, but I and Bob (Meyers, Warriors general manager) has maintained a conversation, talk about all kinds of things, not just about me, but also chatting 2k mt people Of things. “