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Brooks coach for the Wizards brought a valuable experience

Although it was the first season to coach the Wizards, but Scott – Brooks coach for the Wizards brought a valuable experience. The best coach of the year to help the Wizards become the first in history after the start 2 and 8 losses, but also get 49 wins the team. The win over the Hawks is also the ninth series of winners of the Brooks coach. Adjusting Gerrard-Green to start-up is also a key reason for the Celtics to win the next series. The 31-year-old veteran in the regular stadium are only 11.4 minutes debut, and no one buynba2kmt, but in the most critical moment was with the task, the last four games scored 11 points and 45.9% hit rate to save the Green Army In the fire and water.

Beijing time on May 2, Pierce finished his career in the last game soon, the Celtics boss Vick – Gross Baker announced that the team will retire Pierce No. 34 jersey. In an interview with the radio, Gross Baker revealed the 2k mt coins: “Pierce will be our last player wearing a No. 34 jersey.” Since 2003, retired Cedric – Maxwell since the 31st, the Celtics have not retired players jersey. Pierce is clearly worthy of this honor, the of the Green Army during his 10 times selected All-Star, led his unit won nba 2k17 mt 2008 NBA championship and won the Gross Baker did not disclose the specific time Pierce retired jersey, but he expressed the hope that Pierce retired after the identity of a return to the team work.