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Tattoo artist dishes on Javi Marroquin

Tattoo artist dishes on Javi Marroquin

With so many rumors surrounding season 5 of “Teen Mom 2,” fans don’t know what to believe. Most recently, cameras were spotted at the tattoo parlor where Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin frequent to get work done to their tattoos. Many took this as a sign to mean that season 5 is a go and on June 12, the owner of the shop confirmed to Radar Online that is exactly why MTV was there.

Jesse Probus, owner of Sick Ink Studios, told the site:

“They were recording some pre stuff for season 5. We were finishing up the third session on his sleeve. He’s been coming here a lot and I’ll be doing a lot more to him actually.”

So, what exactly is Javi Marroquin’s tattoo? Fans have seen photos, but have had a hard time deciphering what exactly the ink depicts. Probus told Radar that the sleeve tattoo features a jet turbine, which is fitting since Javi Marroquin recently joined the Air Force.

While the pregnant Kailyn Lowry didn’t seem to get any work done on their most recent visit to the shop, Sick Ink Studios is actually the one place that she trusts to fix all of the past work she had done as well as get some new art. Kailyn Lowry is currently working on her sleeve tattoo and, even though a lot of people don’t appreciate the skulls included on her arms, Probus insists that it isn’t evil looking at all.

So, will the MTV cameras be back in the shop to film more for “Teen Mom 2’s” fifth season? Jesse Probus didn’t confirm (or deny) that, but he expects to see more of Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. Aside from being their tattoo artist, he says that he actually considers them “good friends.”

MTV has yet to release an official announcement about the fifth season of the show, but it seems all but certain now. This is great news for fans who are hoping to see everything that has been going on in the lives of the cast.