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Hong uncle also cheap fifa 18 coins head fell to the ground

Hong uncle also head fell to the cheap fifa 18 coins on the road. In Liu Jie off to see Hong uncle’s injury, and call 120 for help. 10 minutes later, Hong uncle was rushed to cheap fifa 18 coins nearby hospital, after checking Hong uncle brain hemorrhage, the body multiple abrasions, after the transfer to Yuhuan City People’s Hospital of brain surgery for further cheap fifa 18 coins. In order to take care of Hong uncle,Liu Jie put down the village clean work, their daily stay in the hospital, 24 hours to take care of Hong uncle. cheap fifa coins uncle during cheap fifa 18 coins, in Liu Jie day he gave him back rubbing, feeding water, the night as long as the Hong uncle called, he immediately got up. At present, in the hospital’s treatment and care cheap fifa 18 coins the Liu Jie, Hong uncle’s brain hematoma condition has gradually improved. But in the Liu Jie did not dare to nhl 18 hut coins, “as long as the old man did not discharge, I can not cheap fifa 18 coins assured that I have to take care of him, I hope he can get up early.When discharged,