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Nautical Star Tattoos and Their Meanings

Nautical Star Tattoos and Their Meanings

People today agree that sailors invented nautical star tattoos. Here are some common beliefs attached with different nautical star designs according to how many points the star has: Four points

Nautical star tattoos that have four points supposedly originated from sailors. Some dispute the fact that it relates to a compass. A compass shows north, south, east, and west directions, which holds four points. This is also true for eight points, since today’s compass points to southwest, southeast, northeast and northwest.

With this being one of the first designs we learned in childhood, most people believe that the nautical star tattoos has got to have five points. This design is very trendy. If you were to draw any star then you would draw this one. Five pointed stars are also known as a pentagram which represents power but it also has a very misunderstood meaning.

Six points

Religious folk say that the proper nautical star comes with six points; this is based on the belief that the Star of David had with six points. Also symbolizing the six points is the Pagan God Remphan.

Seven points

Fairy tales have drawings of seven point stars, representing innocence or childhood. Some people think that nautical star tattoos that have seven points are symbolic of a whimsical mind.

Eight points

Other than the sailors, religious people have their opinion, believing that an eight pointed star represents the cross of St. John. Others say it portrays the Knight of Malta’s crest. The Knight of Malta was a very powerful religious organization in the Middle East from the old days.

More than eight points

Several nautical star tattoos with more than eight points are created by today’s abstract artists. There are no meanings attached to these stars, beliefs are only attached if they mean something to the person getting them.

Reverse pentagon designs

Satanism and witchcraft is represented with this design, because the point at the top is facing downward. By tattooing the pentagon upside down on their body, some believe it symbolizes their want to rule over others spirits.

When you have picked the nautical star tattoo of your choice, see as many original drawings of nautical star tattoos as you can. It is worth your while to research Web sites that offer matchless drawings of nautical star tattoos, but with a lot of sites, you will need to become a member first.