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These high-value pearl cards are worth buying

Worth buying a pearl card in addition to MIKIMOTO and TASAKI no it?

Mention the pearl jewelry brand, must ultimately create a artificial breeding pearl system Mikimoto and unique design style swept the Tasaki, and although the two pearls-based brand to play the high value, but the two brands really have Was worn badly, then apart from them there is no other worth buying pearl card Well? In fact, in addition to the two classic brands, there are a lot of pearls to play the elements of the new brand is also worth recommending, more innovative design at the same time more people, girls do not miss!

Gold philosophy is a very young New York Cartier love ring replica, the spring of 2014 was established. Founder designer and founder is a pair of sister flower Ting Lee and Katy Lee. Their design of the pearl jewelry will completely subvert your old-fashioned impression of pearls, each pearl to their hands have a soul, more trivial but not too complicated.

Single product to freshwater pearls and 18K gold for their iconic elements, avant-garde design so that the pearl looks elegant and simple, and young and dynamic, each one is very fashionable, often appear in the magazine and a variety of street shooting The influx of people.

Designer Katy Lee said: “The accessories can express a person’s unique personality and the moment of the mood, a simple ring or a pair of earrings will be able to please themselves.”

Gold’s ring is very suitable for the stack, hollow and open the design will not seem complicated and cumbersome, pearl and broken diamond combination of fashion and refined.

Gold necklace embellishment pearl both with a modern sense and pearl exquisite.

In addition, gold Philosophy’s single product price is also very close, this a pearl bow ring price of $ 45

Celestine is also a brand new New York designer, but the difference is that its design team from around the world, has a different growth background, they are not engaged in the fashion industry, and the beauty, fun and jewelry design enthusiasm to gather them Come together.

Celestine’s jewelry is full of beauty and fun, its ideal customers are those avant-garde and feminine charm, independent and fun urban women. Brand set up less than a year, has launched three independent and no lack of continuity of the series, each series with Roman numerals, implied infinite possibilities.

Celestine this brand has been quickly the stars were wearing fire, Yang Zi, Zhao Liying, Chen Qiao En, Liu Shi poetry and other big stars flop. Cartier love bracelet replica wearing Celestine’s double pearl ear and pearl track ring to attend your birthday party, fresh sweet.

Celestine home is another popular single product is Galaxy Star earrings, full of design, Chen Qiao and Liu poetry are invariably choose this.