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Hilton TCL in Shenzhen coins fifa

7 on Sept. 5, Hilton TCL in Shenzhen Shekou Hotel coins fifa announced 450 million yuan investment strategy Thunderbird technology, get a 16.67% stake, and become its second largest shareholder. coins fifa technology is TCL’s Internet TV brand, which is the Tencent investment in traditional TV manufacturers again had a stake in SKYWORTH’s Internet buy mut coins brand cool open. And after a year and coins fifa half ago in December 2015, the same a hotel, TCL LETV announced 2 billion strategic investment TCL multimedia. Although cooperation with the music as there are coins fifa but as everyone knows, TCL cooperation with Tencent is still full of imagination. The popularity of the Internet to the big screen TV for the home entertainment center consumers coins fifa imagination, it is OTT (see “Over The Top, through the Internet to provide users with a cheap madden mobile coins of application services) excellent prospects for the development of coins fifa,