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Enrique: Atletico Madrid lose is not the best result

About Madrid derby, Enrique said that he had in mind the best results draw with Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
Enrique: Atletico Madrid lose is not the best result
Saturday, Louis – Enrique reporters before attending a conference in La Liga, Barcelona Athletic Bilbao in the day after the road against. Enrique will be the first to appear on the new Barcelona coach led the team to San Mames stadium status, he said:. “The atmosphere was very warm the stadium, the fans are very special, and I feel like the last time a British stadium I led the team to come here or when Celta coach, I feel very good to play here. ”
When talking about the opponent, Enrique said: “Athletic Bilbao will compete for every ball, so we can never have a second to relax opponents are strong players in the air, although they poor start to the season, though. subsequent performance is very strong, I think they have the strength to compete for seats in the Spanish title and the Champions League team. ”
While Athletic Bilbao currently ranked in the middle reaches of the standings, but Enrique said: “The integration and data can not explain everything, this view on them particularly suitable Athletic Bilbao who always faithful to my own style. and their coach very well. I know it will be a tough game. ”
After the round, will usher in Barcelona again intensive two-week tournament schedule, but Enrique said:. “. Our task now is to win the next game, we have to play for no other extraordinary level.”
Barca had made eight straight, Enrique said this: “Recently our state is also good, but I believe that with the deepening of the season, will be more and more difficult and we may make mistakes, as usual. we must remain vigilant and avoid making mistakes. there are three top teams in La Liga title race with a hope, there are a lot of teams have hope medal standings of the first group. I think if we can fight to the last moment of the season, will get surprise. ”
Round will be held in Madrid derby, leaders Real Madrid will play against Atletico Madrid, a reporter said that if Real Madrid lost to Barcelona to get the chance to catch up with the integral, Enrique said this: “For us, the best result is Real Madrid and draw with Atletico Madrid. I think who played better, who will receive the Madrid derby victory. but I do not want to put their hope builds on other teams losing, it’s not my style. we have to do is to do their job. ”
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Barcelona recently encountered some trouble in other areas, when asked about the matter, Enrique said:. “The other thing not cause impact on my work, would not be my job is to coach the first team, I just will concentrate on their own work, effort led the team to win the championship. there are other things to deal with the appropriate team. “

Rakitic said he is an admirer of Harvey, Harvey, his efforts to learn and like Fifa 15 Coins

Rakitic: I adore Harvey Massey worth more than the Golden Globes

Rakitic said he is an admirer of Harvey, Harvey, his efforts to learn and like Fifa 15 Coins.

Rakitic that the value of the Macy’s has not only limited the Golden Globes, football people should give him something more.

Saturday, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for FC Barcelona midfielder Ivan – Rakitic interview.

When asked to join Barcelona this summer, the impact on the player’s own career, Rakitic said: “I will never forget in Basel and Schalke 04 start time football career, but for me, two years in Seville is the most important stage of my life. now I take a new step, to join Barcelona, which is an incredible club.

For the effectiveness of such giants Barcelona, with my past experience is completely different. In the past, won the European Champions League has made me very happy. In Barcelona, a champion can not make everyone happy is that people here want to win more titles, I know this is the world’s greatest club apart from other clubs, which boasts the best group of players in the world. ”

Rakitic has admitted that he was Harvey – Hernandez admirers, when he finally became teammates and idols, Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins do you feel it? Rakitic said: “In the past when I heard Harvey’s name, I would say to myself, look, he is a symbol of football that no one can replace Harvey’s position, he was the team’s biggest hero. he is an idol, when playing with him, I have to do everything we can. I hope to attend more games with him, and to win the championship, this is the most important thing. ”

And when teammate Lionel Messi does it feel? Rakitic said: “This is a feeling that can not be compared with previous experience from the TV so enjoy watching him play, and now I see him every day, train together, play together, this feeling too crazy. , you never know what his next move is, but he’s ready score. Messi might be the best player in football history, with Pele and maradona. Messi has value not limited to the Golden Globes, football people should give him something more, he is so different. ”

Currently in the league standings, Real Madrid two points behind Barcelona. Finally, Rakitic asked Barcelona in this season’s situation, he replied:. “We can not think about Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Seville, we need to do is win our own race team has been a great change, but we cooperate very well. I hope that when the end of the season, we could be the first. “