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The conference of 8 mut coins members

The conference of 8 members of the prime minister or the mut coins will be in the expansion of the SCO members held after the hierarchy, under the new situation, deepen the mut coins cooperation in the SCO to plan and deploy. Pragmatic cooperation is a priority for SCO cooperation, enrich Cooperation Organization hut coins, promoting countries to mut coins common prosperity is of great significance. The SCO was established soon, has formulated “the SCO member states and multilateral trade and Economic Cooperation mut coins”, determined to strengthen the mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation, improve the well-being of the people.16 years, the leaders in the direct care and promotion, mut coins and fruitful cooperation in the SCO member states. Establish trade, transportation, finance ministers and madden 18 coins bank governor, customs,

influence have been cheap mut coins significantly

to achieve since 2001 since the cheap mut coins of the first expansion member of the SCO development history has opened a new page. At present, the SCO is standing at a new historical cheap mut coins point. India and Pakistan join, the number of Member States from 6 to 8, regional the range extended to South Asia, Eurasia area nhl hut coins for 3/5, accounting for nearly half cheap mut coins the world population, economic output accounted for 20% of the world, covering in Russia, India, the three big emerging market countries, the SCO’s volume, cheap mut coins and influence have been significantly improved, become the world’s largest integrated region in the cheap mut 18 coins of the concept of win-win cooperation. Under the new and old cheap mut coins will fully exploit the new opportunities for expansion, to play their own in the market, industry and other aspects of resources,