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Neck Tattoos on Women

Neck Tattoos on Women

Question: Neck Tattoos on Women

Is there something bad about getting a neck tattoo? My friend wants to get a tattoo that starts at I guess it would be the base of the neck and runs down part of her spine. Her husband says that is “gang” like. What do you think?

Answer: I think this is a personal opinion. I understand your friend’s partner’s concern as the neck is a very prominent area. I would recommend that she start the tattoo closer to her hairline at the back of her neck so that it can be covered more easily should she decide to. Then she can wear scarves, a longer hair style or even collared shirts to basically keep this sort of tattoo discreet whenever she feels.

As far as a gang tattoo placement, you are right that the neck is a common spot. But that does not mean that she will look like a gangster simply because of it. Most of her style will be based on the way she carries herself, dresses and the types of clothes that she wears. I’ve seen many organic or nature inspired tattoos on earthy gals that run clear up their backs and to their necks and you would never think they were in any sort of gang so it really comes down to style.

Decision choices are also going to play a big part of the consideration in a neck tattoo. If you are not already familiar with, be sure to read Five Popular Tattoo Art Styles. Gang style tattoos are often the original prison style tattoos as documented in the movie Tattoo Nation. These designs include fine line black and grey roses, hearts, portraits, stars and of course script tattoos. If she opts for something like feathers , cherry blossoms , a tree tattoo or a dragon for example, her design would not have that traditional look to it, and could rather be quite colorful and interesting. Another feminine option is a permanent Henna style tattoo if she likes delicate and intricate flowers with vines.

Next I’d like to remind your friend to take the time to seek out a reputable tattoo artist for the job. If she already has some ideas, great. If not, a tattoo artist can help her decide her options regarding the tattoo placement. Make sure you look at the artist’s portfolio and ALWAYS follow their proper tattoo aftercare instructions.

Because of this large tattooed area, wearing a sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30 is necessary to prevent fading of her tattoo. Especially during summer and swimsuit season where her back and neck will be exposed to the elements.

Neck tattoos are not for everyone. Just like a hand, wrist or face tattoo they are not for the commitment phobic and they make a bold statement. Hopefully with some time and suitable thought she can find a design that will reflect her personality and without any doubt, add to the individual that she is.

Summer Tattoo Care

Summer Tattoo Care

Summer tattoo care is vital if you want to prolong the beauty and vibrancy of your tattoo.

Even if your tattoo is in a discreet spot and whether or not the sun is hiding behind the clouds, protect your ink and keep it bold with these summer tattoo care tips.

Sunblock is the best form of protection against skin cancer and other sun damaging skin effects such as wrinkes or a blotchy complexion. If you have a tattoo and you’re out in the sun you need to apply sunblock liberally otherwise your tattoo will fade quickly and lose its vivid details. You paid for your body art, so protect it with a sunblock that has a minimum of SPF 30 and reapply as instructed.

2. Wear Clothing to Cover Your InkWear a light layer of clothing when you’re in the direct sun to help prevent long term exposure to your tattoo. Lightweight fabrics like cotton and gauze will allow your skin to breathe while adding an extra layer of protection for your skin. If you can’t stay in the shade, this extra barrier will help keep your tattoo coloring bright.

3. Keep Your New Tattoo Out of the SunDespite the likely excitement you’ll have to show off your new tattoo, nothing could be worse than stripping down to your bikini to bare your tramp stamp or taking off your shirt to flaunt an old school Pin Up design before it’s fully healed. Tattoos need at least 10 14 days of healing time before exposure to the sun. Follow your artists’s detailed aftercare instructions before heading outdoors and remember, never exposure a new tattoo in its’ healing stage to the direct rays. By helping your tattoo to heal properly you’ll ensure a better finished result and a tattoo you can be proud of so just hang in there.

4. Spot Check for Skin CancerNo matter your age, race or family history of skin cancer, you’re still at risk if you’re out in the sun. Spot check your body regularly to look for any changes in moles. Remember the ABCDE’s of skin cancer. Any mole that is (A)Asymmetrical in shape, that has irregular or jagged (B)Borders or (C)Coloring that is black, blotchy or uneven, and/or a (D)Diameter that is larger than a pencil eraser or an (E)Elevated surface needs to be examined by a medical professional to rule out any precancerous or cancerous skin changes. Just because you have a tattoo doesn’t mean you’re covered up from the sun. Protect yourself against the damaging effects of the sun, be smart and keep your tattoo and your skin safe while you’re out enjoying the summer rays.

Aftercare Tips for Tattoos and Piercings

Aftercare Tips for Tattoos and Piercings

One of the things that can make the difference between success and failure in body art is how you care for your tattoo or piercing after you have the procedure. It’s vital for clients to follow the aftercare instructions given to them by the body art facility.

Here’s a look at a little of what takes to care for your new embellishment: A bandage is applied after the tattoo is completed; typical aftercare instructions say to take off the bandage after an hour or two, and expose it to the air for best healing.

The new tattoo sometimes scabs over, but don’t pick it off. Picking the scab can damage the tattoo underneath. Lotion can be used to soften the scab and to help it heal; the tattoo artist can recommend the best brands to use.

Keep the tattooed area clean with soap and water, but don’t scrub it, and don’t submerge it.

can take a month or more to heal completely. After the tattooed area is healed, apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to keep the tattoo looking good. New piercings must be kept as clean as possible in order to heal properly, but also avoid over cleaning them. Soaking the area in water and non iodized sea salt can be done one or more times a day.

If it’s a genital piercing, avoid sexual contact for the first four to six weeks.

Don’t play with or rotate the jewelry in your piercing, as this can make the healing process longer and cause scar tissue to form.

If you have a tongue or lip piercing, take care when eating so as to disturb it as little as possible while healing.

Avoid stress, alcohol and smoking while the piercing heals; take a multivitamin, get sufficient sleep, and drink extra water to ease the process. Her weekly column and gardening articles for the Monterey County H. Unfortunately, scabbing can form on tattoos and harm them.