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this group after the completion of the red sculpture

Mao Zedong statue body,albion online silver the name called “our old headmaster.”Tera Gold Made of copper-nickel alloy, total height 6.5 m, author Lu Xun Academy of Fine elephants Lee Dean, professor at Tsinghua University, doctoral tutor. He is also deputy director of the Chinese Artists Association Sculpture Committee, Vice-Chairman of China Association of Cities sculptor.

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Deng Xiaoping statue body

Deng Xiaoping statue body, Tibia Gold the name called “chief architect.” The statue is made of bronze, total height 5.5 m, author of Wu is China Art Museum, Nanjing University, Professor, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, President of the China Association of Urban sculptor.

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Jiao bust rs Gold
“Jiao” for the bust, the total height of 3.2 meters, Wang Hongliang author is a professor at Tsinghua University Department of Sculpture, doctoral tutor, China Artists Association, China Sculpture Society.
And set the red sculpture cooperate, this time we choose a giant natural Taishan stone, re-create the “realistic” monument, so that stretch through the central axis, so that the statue is more vivid.
Q: How should we view the impact of this group after the completion of the red sculpture?
A: Now set three statues of the great statue, the image element can be said of our party’s most historic landmark significance. This campus along the axis of the three statues are disposed in order from south to north,GW2 Gold he expressed theoretically cause of our Party and keeps the future, the historical trajectory of the times. Jiao and statue will be placed symmetrically things participants floor, echoes, to express the backbone of leading cadres in the party’s cause. These sculptures, from the fundamental contrast of the Party School of the political positioning, reflecting the Party School of the Communist Party as the external features Chinese spiritual temple.
The sculpture is silent materials. Silent sculpture, but it has a rich and deep meaning, with and complement the content of classroom teaching. “Silence is golden.” Students walk in the campus, looking great statue,Tibia Gold naturally Health issued a solemn and sacred emotion, will be profound education in the subtle, so as to enhance the party at the party statement, the party concerned party, the party as the party’s conscious sex, doing their own work to strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility. These political influence and sculptures of artistic value, I believe that over time will become fully apparent.

the first home safety evaluation from residential

And “residential building is just over 600 meters of distance” in the end is how the approval, remains a mystery. The Central Coastal Sheng is Ruihai logistics made safety evaluation report, but in the more complex safety evaluation procedures and approval procedures, frequently clearance, all the way to the green.
According to Xinhua News Agency reported, Ruihai International Logistics vice chairman, former director of the Public Security Bureau of gw2 Tibia & tera Gold Port Dongpei Jun Son Dong Xuan agency said, “An assessment was made, the first home safety evaluation from residential buildings too close to the company said, does not meet the requirements, Tera Goldsecurity Comments do not come down later in the school do not control Wei said, to get him, and later for a home safety evaluation company, the result is to get down. ”
China Youth Daily reporter tried to contact the security rating agencies have Grade A safety evaluation gw2 Tibia & tera Gold qualification, these bodies are referred to as “did not do Ruihai project” and that “hard to say,Tibia Gold not to disclose” the situation in the coastal Sheng. gw2 Tibia & tera Gold safety evaluation Insiders told reporters, not by Ruihai An assessment is the same with the qualification of the gw2 Tibia & tera Gold Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Orient Terry, but the company staff were also denied to reporters have done Ruihai project.
According to the “gw2 Tibia & tera Gold Dongjiang Bonded Port Ruihai International Logistics Co., Yuejin Road safety inspection Yard reconstruction project evaluation report” (Internal version) media reports revealed that the main construction project includes two new dangerous goods warehouse and re-planning now There yard, yard area 46226.8m2.
According to the national safety supervision department in 2001 introduced the “dangerous chemicals business enterprises opening conditions and technical requirements”, more than 550 square meters of medium-sized warehouse siting of hazardous chemicals should be around public buildings, transportation routes, industrial and mining enterprises equidistant least holding 1,000 meters. And Ruihai International projects and recent residential building only over 600 meters, which is clearly incompatible with the regulations.
And the parts of the safety assessment and inspection reports conclusion is: “According to the relevant standards taken effective measures to secure facilities and security technologies, security countermeasures safety pre-evaluation reports and design special articles have been given basic implementation, enterprises to establish a more improve production safety management mechanism and safety management system, the project includes the completion and acceptance of the conditions of security. “