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Diamond Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Diamond Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Is April Your Birth Month?

A diamond is the birthstone of those born in this month. In fact, most people born in April get a diamond tattoo inked because they have a closer association with this stone when compared to others.

These tattoos are so amazingly awesome that you really don’t need any “spiritual significance” or reason to get them done all, we’re talking about diamonds baby! You just need to look at ’em once and get them so that you never lose sight of their entrancing sparkle. And not only aesthetically, they also have a capturing spiritual and meaningful symbolism that consists of so many realms that we bet each and every human being would get associated with its spell at some point in life.

What isn’t amazing about diamonds? The fact that it takes nature between 1 to 3 years to form one diamond? Or that there is nothing that can crack its strength and endurance on the entire planet? These facts are just the tip of the iceberg. As you dig deeper into this article, many more revelations about this precious gem will be made.

Some Awesome Diamond Tattoos and Their Meanings

What other color can best describe the love for glamor, prosperity, and wealth? Though diamonds are found in different colors you have all the freedom in the world to choose any color for the design diamonds are the most glamorous ones. If red is your color and diamonds are your best friend, this heart shaped stone best depicts what you love the most!

Diamond with Words: Inspiration

“Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamond.” What words can best send forth the message that no matter how hard darkness hits you, there is nothing that can take away your shine. You can use other phrases such as, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, “A Diamond is Forever”, “Big girls need big diamonds”, and so on. So yes, just let those popular phrases fuse in with your tattoo design.

Don’t you wish you had this magical vine that grew beautifully and bore beautiful diamonds instead of flowers? Not only is this tattoo design amazingly eye catching with its delicateness, suaveness, and beauteousness, it is also a symbolism of your aspiration to multiply your wealth, but with grace. It also reflects that you have the key to growth within you, and you needn’t depend on others for the same.

A Diamond Ring: Everlasting Love

So what if you cannot get a real diamond ring for your lover? Get a diamond inked to show that your ring is not an object; it is a part of you now. Diamonds symbolize invincibility, strength, endurance, and something that cannot be destructed. In fact, the word itself comes from the Greek word “Adamas”, meaning indestructible. The meaning and design add to the conclusion that your love can never end, and the bond that the two of you have is indestructible.

A black diamond as a tattoo can mean many things. The color itself gives the design a feel of rebelliousness, the audaciousness to dare to live on your own terms. The bold strokes and shading of this design reflect boldness. On the other hand, a black diamond is also quite a rare one, depicting that the wearer is one of a kind, special, and takes pride in his/her individuality. After all, who wants to be like everybody else?

A Radiant Diamond: Power and Protection

When you think of diamonds, you don’t think of any color except for the pristine white color that radiates through your eyes and makes this world feel like a better place! According to folklore and legend, diamonds were considered to have the power to ward off evil. Hence, another meaning of this tattoo design for the wearer is to have power over all evil and bear a protective shield for safety.

You love diamonds because they make you feel special, out of the world, or perhaps the ruler of the world! This design has multiple diamonds unlike the other designs in this article. If you carefully observe, the phrase “Feel like a million dollars” has five words, the same number as that of the diamonds shown in the image. Many people do this to give their tattoo an interesting appeal. However, you do whatever makes you feel good about diamonds. What is important is that you should believe in the design.

Diamond with Roses: Love for Beauty

Every person who is a fan of this gem is undoubtedly a fan of beauty as well! This is what the combination of a diamond with roses and perhaps other beautiful elements also reflects. Diamond with roses in a tattoo is a representation of love. With fusing elements such as the birds, it just mellows down the covetousness of the main element and gives the design a more loving and delicate look.

The best thing about diamond tattoos is that as an element, it can merge well with different elements that together give an all new meaning to your unique design. The aforementioned ideas were just some of the many awe inspiring designs made with this element. And with its symbolism covering the world and beyond, there is no reason why you wouldn’t get it inked.