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NHL 16 Now Available in The Vault on EA Access

EA Access* members should get their skates sharpened because the puck has dropped. NHL Coins is now available in the EA Access Vault, a growing library of EA games members can play as much as they want on Xbox One.


NHL 16 delivers your most requested features along with new experiences that make cheap hut coins bigger and better, like the all-new On-Ice Visual Trainer and smarter Coach Feedback; both tools will teach new players how to learn the fundamentals and give returning players tips on how to build on their NHL skills. From new levels of depth across single player and team modes, combined with improved gameplay balance and control at every position as well as an unrivaled game day atmosphere, NHL 16 puts you into the heart of a team, where you’ll play together and win together.


NHL 16 joins The Vault which includes over a dozen EA games including Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare, Madden NFL 16, Battlefield 4™, FIFA 15 and Dragon Age™: Inquisition. In addition to playing games as much as they want in The Vault and trying EA games first with Play First Trials, EA Access members also enjoy 10% off on all EA digital purchases on Xbox One. Learn more at here. (HomePage)

EA brings the VBL to the PS4 and Xbox One

In FIFA 15 had fans of Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) have to make do with the Xbox 360 and PS3. In the new consoles EA SPORTS could not transpose the mode last year. Now, however, EA has announced fifa coins 16 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the new VBL season for FIFA.

Together with the DFL (German Football League) will host the Virtual Developer EA Sports Bundesliga this year. It is now the fourth season in which eSports, but also normal FIFA fans can measure in an official tournament. In the past Virtual Bundesliga 2014/15 won Niklas Raseck from Team NeXtGen against Jan Zimmermann (Team Acer) the coveted cup. Moreover Raseck also got a car, which though of just 16-year-old youngster could not start so much, but what he still logically rejoiced.

Many FIFA professionals have been waiting for the VBL will be held on the current console generation, since all the big tournaments are held on the PS4 or Xbox One and the conversion of some players was a problem. From 1 October 2015, it is finally time, then starts the VBL season in a new edition.

VBL first time at the PS4 and Xbox One

In the Virtual Bundesliga, participants can choose one of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, with which they then want to play the season. However, a big difference compared to the other modes is that in the virtual Bundesliga all Bundesliga clubs have a uniform skill level. So all participants should have the same opportunities. On September 24, FIFA 16 will appear for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. At gamescom from 6 to 9 August, the football simulation will also be playable.

Like every year, also this summer asking the fans what footballers are on the cover of the famous football series FIFA in their country. For several years, this is the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi. In some fifa 16 coins xbox one countries it is, however, not alone on the front of the game box. Developer and publisher EA Sports has a vote for some regions even the fans, which co-cover star they would like to see. In this gallery we have collected all known to date official FIFA 16 cover.

FIFA 14 points inheritable to FIFA 15!

Q: I can point FIFA 14 FIFA 15 were transferred to it?
A: You can advance demo or buy the retail game FIFA 15 FIFA points will be transferred to the new game in EA Access.

Q: I have several opportunities to transfer my FIFA 14 points?
A: Only once.

Q: Can I transfer during the open web UT ahead of FIFA 14 points I do?
A: No, you can only buy the EA Access host or buy the retail game after FIFA 15 transfer points.

Q: My FIFA 14 FUT 15 coins can not be exchanged or transferred to FUT15 in?
A: No, this shift is not allowed.

Q: Can I buy FIFA 15 points during the Xbox One of the early access?
A: Yes, but limited to the purchase of the early access of Xbox One player.

Q: EA Access activity on Xbox One will start at what time?
A: EA Access will be released in your area five days before the start of the game.

Q: Xbox 360 / PS3’s EA Season Ticket users can purchase during the early access FIFA 15 points it?
A: The purchase of the points during the early access players can not in EA Season Ticket is.

Q: If I have a Xbox 360 / PS3’s EA Season Ticket, can not during the early access at EA Season Ticket will be transferred to the 15 points 14 of them?
A: Yes, but only to transfer the same platform, that Xbox 360 to Xbox 360 or PS3 to PS3.

Q: I can not be transferred from the Xbox 360 FIFA points to the PlayStation 4, or transferred from the PlayStation 3 to Xbox One?
A: No, the point can not be transferred across hosts manufacturer. Can only be transferred from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and the transfer from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation fifa 15 coins from