the most outstanding performance of nba mt coins game

Kevin – Durant nba mt coins in the third nba vc back, but also the most outstanding performance of a game. Three games, Durant 16 vote 11, scored 29 points and eight rebounds and five assists, three-pointers feel the most exciting return, the audience 7 vote 5. “Durant is fantastic tonight,” coach Steve Cole distressed, “the best of them is his shot.”

Back in the first two games, nba mt coins 27 vote 12, close to 50% hit rate. But the three-pointers feel cold, 9 throw all missed. On the eve of the playoffs, Durant returned to the feel, 7 of 5 in the three-pointers to nba mt coins Oracle Arena boiling. “This is his preview before the playoffs.” Clay – Thompson is very confident for Durant. Indeed, Durant this season, amazing efficiency, shooting 53.5% hit a career high, three-point shooting also has 36.7%, can be stable for the nba mt coins up points. But perhaps just comeback, Durant for their current state is still more vc coins cautious. “I still need a long time to get back, but I’m on a right track,” Durant said. “I feel like I can get a higher level.”

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