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to carry out special rectification actions, the city’s non coal The number fifa 18 coins cheap mines by 458 reduced to 304, 5 years of production safety industry of non coal mine accidents and fifa 18 coins cheap remain in the same city. The lowest level of public services around the padded short board, the implementation of city drainage engineering, the sponge city fifa 18 coins cheap preparation of special plan has been completed, are speeding up the implementation of the organization, the completion of 20 square kilometers the fifa 18 coins cheap of the year, a total investment of 820 million yuan, a total length of 7.1 kilometers of underground pipe gallery project has started buy mut coins, put into use before the fifa 18 coins cheap of the year. Accurate relief, efficient linkage, to minimize disaster losses. To strengthen the emergency rescue capability into public security, traffic, water, earthquake fifa 18 coins cheap other departments of comprehensive data information, rapid construction efficient unlimited coins madden mobile rescue command system, and strengthen the construction of talent fifa 18 coins cheap, training grassroots disaster information 12 thousand people.

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